An old southern family recipe that was passed down from generation to generation

Passed on from mother to daughter for over 3 generations, As Good As Mother's seasoned flours and sauces bring bold Chicago flavor with a dash of Southern soul. A staple in restaurants and homes throughout Chicago, we are now available throughout the country! As Good As Mother's hasn’t forgotten how it all started, with a recipe of love only a mother could provide. We start with the freshest spices, mix it in small batches and then ship it quick right to your door. Give it a try and make your meal As Good As Mother's.

IT’S AS EASY ... As 1, 2, 3

  1. Wash and moisten meat or fish
  2. Shake meat/fish and seasoned flour in brown or plastic bag
  3. Submerge in oil and fry at 350F until done

Now available at local Chicago outlets and to be shipped directly to you.

Find As Good As Mother's Seasoned Flours at...

  • Food & Paper Supply Co
  • Jewel-Osco Stores
  • Pete’s Produce
  • Dixmoor Market
  • Restaurant Depot
  • A&G Foods